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To use Wormate.io game on Android mobile devices, you must install the apk version. Wormate.io apk 2023 is a free game app on the Play Store. Wormate.io game is a new generation worm io game. This game is primarily inspired by the game Slither.io. You can easily play this game online on both computer and mobile devices.

Wormate.io Game

The .io games are characterized by their multiplayer components and addictive mechanics. Wormate.io is a multiplayer arcade in the same line as Agar.io or Slither.io, in which players will have to move within a scenario full of other worms, to become the biggest worm of all. On this occasion, players will focus on eating as many Christmas sweets and bread as possible.

The more sweets and chocolates we eat, the bigger we will make our worm. And the bigger our worm, the more chance we will have of other worms crashing into its body, being able to later consume its remains to make it even bigger. The bad thing is that, likewise, our worm can also end up bumping into another and end up becoming Christmas candy.

If we endure hanging around with our worm long enough, we will begin to appear in the ranking of users with the largest worm. Wormate.io apk is a fun multiplayer arcade, which is ideal for short or very long games if you have good reflexes.

wormate.io apk 2023

Wormate.io Apk Game Description

Wormate.io is a fun multiplayer online game that you can play for hours. Move around the map eating all kinds of delicious junk food to grow. Kill other players and eat them. But be careful, because they will try to eat you. Have fun and keep growing in Wormate.io apk 2023.

You can play the game from your mobile browser or from the application by downloading the application. The game is a completely free online io game. You must have an operating system of Android version 5 and above.

Run your worm in this multiplayer online game:

– Eat sweets, donuts, and cakes so that the worm continues to grow.

– Move the other players away so that they stumble upon the body of your worm.

– Play with other people from all over the world.

Download Wormate.io Apk 2023 Game

Enter the world of the snake-eating game. Help your snake grow by eating as much candy, cakes and sugar as you can. Do not crash into worms that are older than you or you will lose against players from all over the world. Wait until you are stronger to start attacking and see who you find online.

If you are eager to play this game, do not miss downloading Wormate.io apk 2023 which is the latest version for all types of Android phones, tablets, and other devices.

Use our site to download the latest version 3.2.8 of Wormate.io apk and enjoy this game with your friends!

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